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If you are from the Khoja community and follow the Shia Ithna'Asheri faith then join Khojamatch and you can search profiles, communicate, and also enlist the help of a matchmaker.

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If you or your parents/guardian are members of a Khoja Shia Ithna'Asheri jamaat that is linked to the World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna'asheri Muslim Communities you can register for free.
We will verify if you or your parents belong to an affiliated jamaat before your profile is approved. We may also get in touch to ask you to help us by getting confirmation from your community centre. The onus is on you to provide us any information or support we require.


You can search profiles yourself, and if you like enlist the help of our professionally trained matchmakers. You are in control of your search for a spouse.

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Please provide accurate personal information to avoid your registration being rejected. Your data will be treated in the strictest of confidence by Khojamatch and the World Federation.

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Each profile is reviewed by our very helpful administrators. They are always on hand to give you advice, address your concerns and help keep the site safe and secure.

You just need to fill in this registration page and complete your profile details. Our administrator will then review your profile and get in touch when it has been approved.

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